Oct 20, 2011

Fish Foot Spa 'Could Spread Hepatitis and HIV' – HEALTH Alert

Fish Foot Spa Could Spread Hepatitis and HIV HEALTH AlertFish foot spas, also known as fish pedicures, are spreading like wildfire in Western and Asian countries alike. More people are hooked to this kind of treatment believing this will relax their feet, nerves, etc. However, UK's Health Protection Agency warned fish foot spas 'could spread hepatitis C and HIV' as well as other blood-borne viruses.

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The agency said the risk from such treatments is "extremely low, however, this cannot be completely excluded."

A spokesman added, "We have issued this guidance because there are a growing number of these spas.

"When the correct hygiene procedures are followed, the risk of infection is very low.

"However, there is still a risk of transmission of a number of infections — this does include viruses like HIV and hepatitis."

According to a report on UK's The Sun, "those with diabetes, psoriasis or with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable and should never undergo the pampering craze.

"Infections and bacteria may be passed on by the tiny garra rufa fish themselves or through water used by a previous client and left unchanged."

Hence, the spas providing this unique service should follow "strict standards of cleanliness", and make sure that the water is changed after every customer.