Nov 8, 2011

Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Was Found GUILTY

Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Was Found GUILTYThe verdict has arrived! Conrad Murray, the private doctor of Michael Jackson, was found GUILTY of killing the King of Pop. Murray was convicted by the jury at Los Angeles Superior Court of involuntary manslaughter.

Read the Reaction of Michael Jackson's Family below.

As the family members of Michael Jackson left the courthouse, they cheered for their victory together with the King of Pop's fans who stayed outside all along.

Here are some of the REACTIONS of Michael Jackson's Family Members:

Jermaine Jackson: "Justice was served, but it wasn't enough time. Michael is with us."

LaToya: "Thank you America, thank you everyone. Everybody was wonderful. Michael loves everybody. He was in that courtroom with us - that's why justice was served."

Older sister Rebbe: "I am just happy it's all over. Nothing will bring Michael back but I am just happy that he was found guilty."

Michael's mom Katherine Jackson: "I feel better now."

Michael's father Joe: "Justice was done."

The sentencing of Conrad Murray is scheduled on November 29.