Apr 18, 2012

Baby Born With SIX LEGS In Critical Condition

Baby Born With SIX LEGS In Critical ConditionBaby Born With SIX LEGS In Critical ConditionThe one-week-old baby boy who was born with SIX LEGS is battling for his life in Pakistan's National Institute of Child Health.

Jamal Raza, the institute's director, said . . .

"Operating on such a baby is not an easy task as proper assessments need to be done first.

"We need to figure out whether the baby has his twin's limbs or his own. We also need to consider how much the internal organs have developed as the latter could complicate matters and decrease the baby's chances of surviving."

The doctors at the institute are doing their best to save the newborn. The baby is believed to be one of the conjoined twins. The other twin was born prematurely and didn't survive.

In a statement given to the AFP news wire, "The doctors are examining the infant to plan for necessary treatment to save the baby's life and ensure he lives a normal life."