Apr 26, 2012

Simon Cowell 'CAN'T STAND' Jennifer Lopez - Cowell Says In New Biography

Simon Cowell CANT STAND Jennifer Lopez Cowell Says In New BiographyJennifer Lopez is loved and adored by many including her co-judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson since she became a judge on American Idol.

However, the New York Daily News reported that the former Idol judge Simon Cowell disagreed with them.

In his new biography, he said . . .

“I’ve never met her” said the music mogul. “But I can’t stand her.”

Oops! Cowell is not alone!

The Culture and Media Institute, a non-profit organization and a part of the Media Research Center network, slammed Lopez' new music video for her current single “Dance Again” saying that it was inappropriate for a “family friendly audience.”

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture at the Culture and Media Institute told Fox News Latino, “Because it (the music video) was shown on American Idol, it’s an inappropriate venue, and she is better than that.”


Anonymous 8:37 AM  

I can fully understand why Simon can't stand Jennifer Lopez because I can't stand her either. She's a disaster on American Idol...big mouth and alwys shouting...same old, same old stupid stuff/comments. She's such a ditz that she thinks robbing the craddle is a credit to her and a boost to her idiotic ego...dumb...he'll get her money and dump her when she goes through menopause. I can't imagine crawling into bed with a child. People that date people 20+ years younger have problems and bigger problems when the years get even higher...midlife crisis, self-esteem issues, immature, denial...whatever...they're really sick when it comes down to it! J. Lo tries to act like a little girl but at the same time wants to be a woman...total turn off. At one time I admired her but the child boyfriend was a wake-up call. Idol is like a hippy show now with a bunch of dreamer judges. Randy is boring and repetative...needs to go too. Bring Simon back and get rid of J Lo and Randy (nice guy but his comments are repetitive...you can say it before he says it...no orginality).