May 14, 2012

VIRAL VIDEO - Mother's Inspiring Video About Her Blind Baby

VIRAL VIDEO Lacey Buchanan Video About Her Blind Baby ChristianThis is very inspirational! Lacey Buchanan, the mother from Woodbury, Tennessee, made a touching video about her son who was born with a rare form of cleft palate causing him to be blind.

What a beautiful baby boy!

Watch the VIDEO of Lacey Buchanan and her baby below.


Petro Neagu 2:32 AM  

This is such an inspirational video although it broke my heart seeing this little angel.
I am now much more grateful for what I have: a healthy daughter. That's all that matters.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Michael Abellera 12:31 PM  

i saw this video on facebook. i was really heart warming knowing that the mom fought the odds. unconditional love, a rare feat these days.

Lover Boy and Girl 7:12 PM  

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